I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
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 Bella's Arrival

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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

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PostSubject: Bella's Arrival   Bella's Arrival Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02, 2010 7:31 pm

As Bella woke up this morning from a sleepless night, she slipped on her black house shoes and hurried herslef to the window. She pushed back her blinds and quickly opened up her window so she could soak up as much sun and Pheonox air as she could before leaving. Bella watched as the rays shined down from the blue sky, lighting up the town. She let out a small sigh before turning towards her closet to change.

She walked over to her closet to grab her favorite blue V-neck t-shirt and an old pair of blue jeans then through them on. Bella ran her fingers through her soft deep-brown hair trying to get the last bit of tangles out before grapping her bags and heading downstairs.

"Mom come on were going to miss the flight" Bella was relieved that her mother wasn't showing any signs of tears yet but they still needed to get to the airport on time.

Bella couldn't help but laugh when her mom ran full speed towards the door with the keys in one hand and the plane tickets in the other. They walked to the car in silence and the drive to the airport was exactly the same bit of silence as before.

Bella placed a smile upon her face before looking to her mother. "Mom I love you..I'll call you every chance I can okay".

"Aw Bella honey, you dont have to do this..moving to Forks is a crazy idea."

"It's okay mom". Bella said with less entusiasim as before. " I haven't seen Charlie in awhile plus it'll give you time with Phill".

Bella reached over for her mom and embraced her with a goodbye hug before boarding the plane. Once she got seated, she turned her body halfway towards the window to watch Pheonix pass by. Bella nudged her hair infront of her face so that the guy next to her couldnt see the tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

I can't believe I'm actually moving to Forks..urghh no sun..constant rainfall She sighed as her thoughts were making her more and more unhappy about her decision to leave home.

The plane ride seemed longer then it should of but she thought it was just because she was dreading the landing. Bella walked over to the luggage area and grabbed her bags then began looking around for Charlie.

"Bella..I'm over here". Bella turned at the sudden sound of her name to see that Charlie was standing in the corner of the waiting room next to a tall blonde hair man.

"Hi Char...I mean dad..its great to see you". Charlie reached down her give her a halfway hug and then grabbed her bags.

She sighed once she seen the police cruiser sitting outside of the sliding doors of the enterance area. Great everyone can stare as I arrive to Forks, she thought.

The car ride to Forks was extremly quiet but thats all she expected because her and Charlie were more alike then her and Renee. They pulled up to the house and Bella reached down for the door handle and got out. She stood outside of the door and thought This is it..my new home.
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Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan

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PostSubject: Re: Bella's Arrival   Bella's Arrival Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 12:54 am

Charlie was in an acceptionaly good mood as he left work this afternoon. His daughter, Bella, was on her way from Pheonix, Arozonia to come live with him in Forks. It had been several months since he has had the chance to see his daughter and now she was going to be living with him again.

Charlie wasn't the type to show his radiant smile for the occasion but it made him extremely happy that this was happening. He climbed into his cruiser, fastened his seatbelt, and took off towards the airport. Charlie had already told the entire town of Forks of Bella's arrival. He was planning a party but he knew Bella well enough to know that she would not be pleased with him for doing that.

Charlie arrived to the airport in just a 20 minute drive. He parked his cruiser along the south side entrance of the airport doors and took a deep breath as he walked up to the bagging area.

I know how she hates the rain but I am truly glad she came he thought. Charlie waited towards the back of the huge crowd of people awaiting the arrival of the passangers. From the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of his daughter.

"Bella...I'm over here". she turned her head as she heard him calling her name. It took only seconds for her to spot him out of the crowd of people.

When she got over to him, Charlie reached down to take her bags so that she didnt have to carry them.

"How was your flight kiddo" he said with a grin

"It was exausting actually..cant get much sleep on a plane" she replied back with a smile

Charlie and Bella walked to the car in silence which was normal. When they reached the cruiser, Charlie could hear Bella sigh as he opened the trunk to put the luggage in.

Charlie shut the trunk of the car then straightened out his jacket trying to think of something to say. Time is all she needs...I hope .
He reached down to open the door to a quiet car drive home.
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Bella's Arrival
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