I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
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 Unpacking and Getting Settled

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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

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Unpacking and Getting Settled Empty
PostSubject: Unpacking and Getting Settled   Unpacking and Getting Settled Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02, 2010 7:32 pm

Bella walked into the house that she once spent time in, took off her raincoat, and headed for the stairs.

"Hey ermm Bella..you need any help with your bags?" Charlie wasn't used to having someone in the house. Its been years since someone has stayed with him since I've stayed with him she thought.

"Sure Ch-dad..you can grab the navy blue ones right there". Bella shot her father a smile as she headed up to her childhood room.

Bella reached down for the fimiliar door handle to the door down the hall and opened it. With sheer surprise, everything was still the exact same as she remembered it. The clipboard with all of her childhood drawings were still on the off-white wall, the dresser she used to draw those pictures, all was the same besides Charlie had put in a bigger bed.

Charlie sat her bags down next to the door, gave Bella a smile, and disappeared down the hall to the stairs. The best thing about Charlie is he doesnt hover she thought. Bella walked to the familiar dresser and started unpacking all of her clothes items. When she was finished unpacking, she turned to the pictures clipped onto the clipboard and smiled. A picture of Charlie and his old friend Billy Black smiling in our livingroom hung there.

Bella walked over to the unopened window hoping that the rain had stopped but when she pushed back the drapes, the rain was still pouring down hard like it was angry at the ground.

She turned away and let out a loud sigh. This is going to take some getting used to she thought. When she got to the bed she flopped herself down to stretch her body out from the long flight.

Bella hadnt realized that she had drifted off to sleep until the sound of Charlie knocking on her bedroom door woke her up.

"Come in" she mumbled as she sat up.

"Oh sorry did I wake you..I can come back" Charlie said as he started shutting the door.

"No dad its fine..what do you need?" she replied

"I was just seeing if you were hungry..you've been here for 4 hours and you havent ate anything yet." he looked over at the window at the now darkened sky.

"Oh um sure..do you need me to cook?" she looked embarrassed for sleeping so long

"No" he chuckled "We can go to my favorite diner"

"Okay sure I'll be down in a sec" Bella smiled and walked to the mirror.

Bella brushed through her hair with her fingers, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth after sleeping 4 hours, and headed downstairs. Charlie and Bella walked to the cruiser and drove to the diner in silence.
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Unpacking and Getting Settled Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unpacking and Getting Settled   Unpacking and Getting Settled Icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 5:35 am

Alice stood in the shadows. A newtral expression across her face. It wasn't her at all to be sneaky like this - but she had to see. Alice had to get a glimpse at this new girl. How could it be possible? A human would end up with her brother, Edward? A vampire and human in love. It wasn't right.

And yet, as she stood there, watching her and her what had to be, father, walk into the diner, she knew it would have to work out somehow. Or Edward would be alone for the rest of his immortal life - which would be long and hard without a mate. Alice had Jasper - but Edward had no one. It was a wonder how he had made it this far already without leaving... or doing something he shouldn't.
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Unpacking and Getting Settled
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