I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.
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 Home from the diner

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Bella Swan
Bella Swan

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Home from the diner Empty
PostSubject: Home from the diner   Home from the diner Icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 1:17 pm

Bella and Charlie arrived home around 7 pm so that Charlie wouldnt miss the start of the basketball game. Charlie sure did enjoy his sports she thought.

"Night dad"

"Your turning in early, you sure you dont want to watch the game with me"

A smug look came across her face "oh no its okay dad im still beat from the flight...see you in the morning"

"Night Bells" and Charlie was back to the game.

Bella walked slowly up the stairs towards her room knowing that she wasnt even that tired. Reaching her room, Bella kicked off her shoes, changed into a pair of sweats and a holey shirt and slumped down onto the bed. Bella placed her hands behind her head while falling into deep thought.

Something felt so strange at the diner earlier like someone was watching me. Maybe I'm just paraniod now because I feel like everyone's eyes are on me. Hmm this place is really starting to get to me...All the rain, no sun ahh plus I will be starting school in a few weeks. Im not one who is good at meeting new people. I would say Im socially awkward.

Bella rolled onto her side not wanting to think about the rain or school. She closed her eyes and imagined the Pheonix sun surrounding the sky. The warm sand that burned the bottom of your feet as you walked across it. The smell of the air the blew past your face everytime there was a gush of wind. Bella sighed.

She still felt the uneasyness from when she was at the diner. Could someone really of been watching me. Her mind kept drifting back to that but soon she drifted into a heavy dream filled sleep.
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Home from the diner
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